Juan Pablo Jaramillo Salazar

Juan Pablo Jaramillo Salazar


Teacher Universidad de Caldas

Visual Designer, Online Graduate Degree in Media Arts, Master's Degree pending delivery and submission of thesis. Occasional Full Time Professor since 2003, attached to the Department of Visual Design in the areas of Environmental Design, Digital Tools and Animation, belongs to the group of Aesthetic and Social Research in Visual Design category C. Coordinator of the research seedbed SETIC, seedbed in the use of ICT'S and Ánima, seedbed that investigates in the image sequence, animation.

His professional experience is evident in the fields of environmental design, specifically in the design of interior spaces and 3D modeling. As a researcher he has ventured into the fields of virtual reality, video games, interface and application design, animation and audiovisual production. He is editor and director of Revista Villa, a magazine specialized in design and approved in latindex. He is also director and creator of the LOOPA International Animation Festival.