Juan Carlos Garcia-Sampedro Ferrero

Juan Carlos Garcia-Sampedro Ferrero


From the first short films shot when he was 15 years old, he was already inspired by Buñuel, Clair, Cocteau or Eisenstein. Then came the influence of Lynch, Rybczyński and many others.
He studied film at the TAI, video at the CES, video art at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid and screenwriting at the EICTV, in Cuba.

Since then, he has developed his professional career moving through the most varied areas of the audiovisual industry: directing, directing, scriptwriting, editing or camera; as well as in distribution, festival management, specialized criticism, audiovisual journalism, editing magazines, directing film clubs or as an advisor to the Ministry of Culture.

He has worked as a director for TVE, Tele 5 and National Geographic. He has also made a feature documentary, several short fiction films and countless documentaries for film and TV that have been seen in more than 100 festivals around the world, although always searching with the same experimental vocation of the beginnings, investigating the limits of audiovisual syntax and the non-narrative possibilities of the moving image.

For his video art works, he has been the winner of the third prize at the 2nd International Video Art Biennale «Restless Waiting», organized by the International Association of Visual, Performing and Other Arts; Winner at the Open Panoramic 2021 at the Santa Mónica Art Center, in Barcelona; Special Mention of the Jury at South East-Short Film Festival, Cambodia. Finalist at Video Art Event, Romania and Walthamstow International Film Festival, London.

Selected in Noble International Film & Awards (India); 11th Under the Subway Video Art Night in New York; MUTA in Lima, the SIMULTAN Festival 2021 in Romania and the Miami New Media Festival in Miami. In addition, a selection of his works have been exhibited at the Central Library of Havana, the Filmoteca Española, the Centro de Arte Santa Cecilia in Barcelona, the Cervantes Institute in Tetuan, the Casa de America in Madrid, the digital magazine El Cultural of the newspaper El Mundo...



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