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Journeys in Travel

Journeys in Travel

Vídeo – Instalación
Christin Bolewski / Alemania

The nonlinear database video installation ‘Journeys in Travel’ is a work in progress, which is based on an algorithmic computer-controlled system and can be presented as a single or multi screen video installation. It tells a complex story of travel and investigates relationships between travelogue, cinematic essay and digital database narrative. MAX SP, which is mainly used to create live-algorithmic musical improvisation and (interactive) music composition, controls here an infinite audiovisual narrative. It is a temporary, open-ended arrangement, which sets in motion a seemingly endless chain of references to related topics: Travel, being elsewhere in foreign places, tourism, ethnography, globalisation, a hyper-connected world, reality and simulation, movement, pace, rhythm and the relationship of film (structure), narrative, music and travel.

It provides an audiovisual collage of associative reflections and episodic narratives in a mixed genre of experimental video, documentary observation, anecdotal travel report and socio-philosophical reflections to represent the complexity of moving through a hyper-connected world with multiple layers, references and interdependencies