Jose Manuel Berenguer


José Manuel Berenguer is coordinator and professor of Psychoacoustics and Experimental Music of the Master in Sound Art at the UB and director of the Orquestra del Caos. Linked to various organizations for the promotion of electronic art and experimental music, his work is oriented to installation, real time and interactivity and deals with questions related to the philosophy and history of science, the limits of language, ethics, life and artificial intelligence, robotics, information metabolism, as well as the very limits of human understanding and perception of the world. 

His installation "Luci - Without name and without memory" received the ARCO-Beep Electronic Art Award.


International Seminar: Arte y mecánica cuántica · Inicio de un proyecto

Exhibitions:D’Eco a Siringa

Soundscapes: “Tele Espacios Activos IX” (Tormenta)