Jorge Mario Suárez Iguarán

Jorge Mario Suárez Iguarán


Belonging to the Colombian Caribbean, he is a social communicator with experience in the disciplines of directing, screenwriting, camera, editing, montage and original music. He also has a master's degree in Theater and Live Arts with experience in training processes and artistic creation.

In the development of his career, he has had a great experience in the design of methodologies for audiovisual training in vulnerable communities.

He is the founder of Murillo Films where he serves as Creative Director, in addition to being the Director of BAQLAB Laboratory for the development of film projects and PARTEOJO, Video Art Festival. As screenwriter and director of "La Muerte me vino a buscar" and "Gonawindúa" he has received several national and international awards.

He currently moves in festivals the documentary "La esquina del movimiento", the video art: "Somos Hombres Cascabel", "Internet Blues" and the expanded documentary project "Alas Plaplaima", with which he has been invited to the 21st MIDBO and the 16th Caribbean Regional Art Salon.


Cinema (&) Digital: “Somos hombres cascabel”