Jonathan Reina Gómez

Jonathan Reina Gómez


Professional in Advertising with emphasis in Social Consumer Research, his professional focus and interest is in the design of sound narratives, the study of sound, soundscape and storytelling. He is currently co-author of the podcast La Voz de los Cerros, where he takes as an object of study the social, cultural and environmental dynamics in the eastern hills of Bogota; the design of the soundscape is transversal in the narrative where it provides a spatial and sensory direction.

This project works in alliance with the Cerros de Bogotá Foundation. It forms a collective "Enlazando Raíces" that is interested, from the arts, in recognizing the link between human beings and their spatiality, identity and memory. It is also developing a project with the Botanical Garden of Bogota, where it seeks to stimulate citizens with sound narrations of the trees that will be cataloged as symbolic and heritage trees in Bogota.

He participated in the project "Memorias de Barrio" with the Hatuey Corporation, where he accompanied the cartographic and artistic research in the upper area of the town of Santa Fe. He was also co-author of four publications of literary creation with the Benkos Corporation.


Soundscapes: iCLO.dBOG