John Melo

John Melo


Designer, visual artist and teacher. Part of my research and interests have focused on the exploration of the visual and conceptual characteristics of pre-Columbian cultures, the value of the symbolic, the resignification and the search for personal archaeologies and the Self.

I am interested in the crossover between the arts, technology and ancestral knowledge. I have also focused part of my interests and knowledge to the construction of a visual and social critique in order to think about other possible realities.

I was a tutor in the training program for self-taught artists at the Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogotá MAMBO PFA. I participate in an art collective in Bogota called Blanco Conejo, which aims to share, promote and experience contemporary modes of creation.

I also participate in the Colectivo Tal Cosa, a transdisciplinary project that combines biology, sound exploration, intuition and non-linear thinking in creative processes. I am currently pursuing a Master's degree in Technology and Aesthetics of Electronic Arts at the Universidad Nacional del Tres de Febrero UNTREF in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

My work, which combines creative languages such as installation, sculpture, sound and video mostly, has been exhibited in Mexico, Japan, Germany, Spain, Venezuela, Belgium, Argentina, Italy and Colombia.

- Winning project of the Grant for the realization of artistic
and cultural activities in the locality of Barrios Unidos . Tal Cosa Collective - Photo-Synthesis-Lab. Experimental audiovisual laboratory. 2021. SCRD
• First place in Macon Film Festival in Georgia USA 2021
• First place Fulldome Janus Award 2020 on Fulldome Festival in Jena Germany.
- Musical Acupuncture Award 2020. IDARTES Bogotá
- Creation grant Colombia en escena. Ministry of Culture 2020.
- Second prize at the Spring 2019 Salon Cajicá Cundinamarca
- Winning project of the Video Art Creation Grant for Domo 2019 IDARTES.
- First prize in experimental video festival for Domo DOMO LLENO 2018.
Bogota / Medellin
- Winning project of the Grant for creation in theater and puppetry for early childhood
with Compañia Escénica Vórtice 2018 IDARTES Bogota



Cinema (&) Digital: "Whole"