Jaime Andrés Monsalve B

Jaime Andrés Monsalve B


Manizales, 1974. Social communicator - journalist from the Universidad Javeriana, currently head of music and culture at Radio Nacional de Colombia and member of the editorial board of the most important cultural magazine of his country, El Malpensante, where he also serves as music commentator. Two-time winner (2011 and 2018) of the Simón Bolívar National Journalism Award for his work on music.

He has been editor of El Espectador, cultural editor of Cambio magazine, editor-in-chief and international editor of SoHo magazine, and has collaborated with media such as the Washington Post, El País of Spain, El Periódico de Cataluña and La Nación of Argentina.

He has had experience as a lecturer in Lyon, France; in Havana, Cuba; in Quito, Ecuador, and in different events in Colombia. He is the author of Carlos Gardel, cuesta arriba en su rodada (Panamericana, 2005), El tango en sus propias palabras (Icono, 2005), Astor Piazzolla, tango del ángel, tango diablo (Panamericana, 2009) and, in co-authorship, of about 15 other books specialized in music.


IX Mercado D+A+T:La paz y la exaltación de las músicas regionales en pandemia