Isabel Margarita Santibáñez Cavieres

Isabel Margarita Santibáñez Cavieres


Visual artist, according to the predictions of a tarot reader she would have parallel lives, she lives in two distant cities - Valdivia and Santiago - making her body float in the Chilean landscape.

This experience has influenced her work, analyzing the concepts of body-landscape, seen from the body that inhabits a landscape, from the body that travels through the landscape, from the body that modifies its landscape, from the social landscape where it is delimited which bodies inhabit it and, lately, from carrying the landscape in the body. Can the body contain the landscape? She works as a professor of Painting and Color at the Universidad Austral de Chile.


XVIII International Academic Forum: «WEARING THE LANDSCAPE ON YOUR BODY Analysis of the resistance of the traditional imaginary in the clothing of the indigenous women of Cusco«