Presented by: Alfonso Pretelt

Tuesday, May 25th 20:15 pm

I have decided to document the process of creation and reflection in my work, since I am interested in transmitting and exposing that in which the meaning of my craft resides more than a final result.

In the search for languages that allow me to continually inhabit reflections that start from matter and consciousness in the trajectories of listening and its different approaches, by the vagaries of life I have come to sculpture and what we would call its expanded field, starting from acoustic explorations in audible architectures. These stones that were initially sculpted with the idea of exploring their sonority became the archetypal image of a petrified visible silence.

I made this documentary in VHS format appealing to this technology as part of the memory built by different historical and technological periods that mark a generation in time while recycling the way of visualizing, seeing and thinking the world in times of unbridled dataism and re-signification on the organicity and the human.