Immersion in the mapu – Koneltu ti mapu mu

Immersion in the mapu - Koneltu ti mapu mu

Journey of an ancestral spirit through the prehistoric forests of Pewen / Andean Araucarias of the "La China Muerta" reserve, generating a prayer for reconciliation with the wounds of the territory and the burned forest, a dialogue from inside the earth, with the spirits and female beings from Mapuche mythology. An audiovisual rite of search for balance for the human being in relation to nature.

In a search to raise awareness regarding the importance of the feminine for environmental and social balance, the wisdom of indigenous peoples as guardians of nature, and the preservation of native forests, the work was built from two events of transcendental impact. for the Mapuche nation. (largest indigenous people in Chile and Argentina)

In 2015, a forest fire destroyed more than 6,500 hectares of native forest in the territory named “China Muerta”, located in Wallmapu, Andean Araucanía (Chile). Hills covered with coigües, lenga, cypress and the largest reserve of ancient araucaria (sacred tree) were devoured by fire. Sixty years earlier, a criminal act against a Mapuche woman gave the derogatory name to the area that currently corresponds between the Conguillio National Park and the China Muerta National Reserve, in the Araucanía region.

These two apparently unconnected and asynchronous facts form a single portrait of the wounds of the territory. A story of resistance against patriarchy and extractivism, which accuses the contempt of a hegemonic culture that has usurped and harassed the sacred resources for the survival and balance of the peoples.