Zeynep Ozcan / Turkey

Inconnu is originally composed for a 20-channel Acousmonium, which is commonly known as a “loudspeaker orchestra”. Each sound is designed for separate speakers, but each channel is considered to be laid out in a linear fashion where one sound could only travel into adjacent channels, implying a strict directionality.

However, the loudspeakers for the performance are placed on separate levels and asymmetrical spots in the construction in a non-linear fashion. Furthermore, when the piece travels in the space, the structure itself adds various effects beyond what the composition affords and further interrupts the linearity of the sonic trajectories.

Through the specialization scheme I follow for the performance of the piece, I aim to obscure the trajectories I determined during the composition process.

By blurring these trajectories with an uneven dispersion of speakers and the resonant characteristics of the structure, I choreograph a metaphor for how an individual's path should be ambiguous and distinctive. Still, through close listening, the audience can untangle this ambiguity and recognize the underlying trajectories that are deeply embedded into the composition.