«Incoyaage. Technocollage and biocollage: images and incendiary fictions»

«Incoyaage. Technocollage and biocollage: images and incendiary fictions»

Valentina Quintero Aguilar & Andres Pacheco Jaimes (Colombia)

Technocollage and biocollage: incendiary images and fictions is a laboratory that seeks to create fictions by expanding the idea of burning through the use of analog and digital collage technologies with a critical and interdisciplinary perspective on the creation of images.  

For Incorrage, burning in the production of images is the bet on the creative power of destruction from fire and the action of burning from collage as a device.

That is why, through technocollage and biocollage we propose a space for co-creation in which fictions emerge from the visual, literary, lyrical, acoustic, among others, that emerge in the use of forgotten materials demonized as "waste", "obsolete" or "useless"; which take shape in orphan files, electronic waste or obsolete technology, organic material considered garbage and objects of human daily life that "do not have" a prolonged use in time.