Liliana Correa Rodriguez / Jader Cartagena Martinez / Sara Patino and Edwin Velez  (Colombia)

Imantación is a soundscape that combines experimental cinema; based on the possibilities of interaction of sound creation and simultaneous film projection. Its main reference is linked to the concept of mental/real spatialization of sound in cinema and its effects on the spectator. The multitrack mixes that are made in any audiovisual piece are compromises between a mental location and a real location.

But what happens when the image is not synchronous with the register of reality? The sound increases spatial concepts versus depth, breadth and height to express a wider narrative space, where the image is not a starting point but the mental reference to an indefinable space, the negation of space elsewhere in space/time.

This 20-minute live act immerses us in a sensory, musical and visual experience enhanced by the force of attraction exerted by the moving image in front of the sound; together with the combination of filmic materials directly intervened on 16mm film.

The visual fragments that are generated form temporary expressive loops in an exercise of sound geography, in which new explorations are allowed in each live act.