“Imantación: Experiencias de un laboratorio de cocreación en cine expandido”

“Imantación: Experiencias de un laboratorio de cocreación en cine expandido”

Natalia Campo Castro / Mauricio Prieto Muriel (Colombia) Mesa A – Persistencias

There is a good amount of input to unravel the languages and meanings of expanded cinema since 1965 when Stan VanDerBeek proposed this concept. Discussions are available and increasing in number, since the expanded cinema has been present for several decades in recognized festivals, institutions and academies that in their different programs already give it a preeminent place.

This paper will address the experience of the two-year work of the Semillero de Creación en Cine Expandido of the Universidad Autónoma de Occidente. First, a state of the question on the epistemological actuality of expanded cinematography in the light of existing discussions such as those of Chalko, Munarriz, La Ferla, Catalá, Collado, Jiménez, among others.

Then, in a second stage, transferring what was found at a theoretical level and artistic references, an expanded cinema experience is presented in the key of common methodology, which from a panorama structure tries to erase the divisions between the different formats, as well as the borders of the screens, while the cinema itself is thought with imprecise dimensions, lacking established limits that could lead us to possible paths and drifts without any chronological or formal pretensions.

Cine Expandido in its encounter with other aesthetics, such as border, decolonial, collective, relational, referential, summons us to a non-determined idea, a non way of making and existing in cinema, of being able to think, feel and create it.