“Identidades Comunes Identidades Cruzadas”

“Identidades Comunes Identidades Cruzadas”

Fernando Arboleda / José Rafael González / María del Mar Sanz (Colombia) Mesa A – Persistencias

We propose the analysis of a pedagogical experience that starts with a guided observation process crossed by the experiential and sensorial, which seeks the rediscovery and reaffirmation of identity, through the look of urban visual elements, design and popular graphics, as well as the urban dynamics of the culture and society of the places observed: the center of Mexico City and the city of Cali, to later reinterpret their codes, connect the two cultures and propose new shared and crossed visual discourses.

This was done through participatory constructions between professors and students of basic design courses in graphic design and visual communication design at the Universidad Iberoamericana de México and the Pontificia
Universidad Javeriana Cali, Colombia, respectively.

The results are collected in a report that shows the design process, the methodology based on participatory design models, and the appropriation of the common and crossed identities of the participating entities.
In addition to the deliverables, it focuses on the development and dynamics to meet the stated objectives.