Roberto Cuervo Pulido / Joaquin Eduardo Llorca Franco / Jonathan Reina Gomez (Colombia)

As a sound bridge between two distant but related spatial realities, the piece iCLO.dBOG is born from a comparative research between the sound identity of the marketplaces of Cali and Bogota. From phonograms collected in both cities, a reduced listening is proposed to the listener after the daily sounds of the markets, loaded with causal meanings, are intervened live and separated from their figurative referent to emphasize their plastic attributes.

The role of social mediator that sound has in places of cultural tradition such as markets, serves as a link between the anthropological story and the timbral qualities that intensify the aesthetic moment. The technological intervention seeks to unveil the low-level acoustic qualities (amplitude, frequency, timbre) in pursuit of the objective: to invite the listener to reduced listening. The interpretation of the piece is a representation of the two sound realities differentiated by the spatial distribution in the listening scenario in which the stereo becomes important due to the information it provides to the listener.

The presentation exposes sound debates between the left and right channels, the Alameda gallery and the 7 de agosto square, which generates chaotic vectorial visuals.