Hastur Mora

Hastur Mora


He is an audiovisual and multimedia artist, whose real name is Juan Pablo Mora Benavides, this pseudonym in the artist's words "constitutes for me a religious, political and gender decision, consequently, I sign my work under this name"

Hastur began his artistic career within the hegemonic audiovisual language in small school and local festivals since 2015, over time he has been leaning towards more avant-garde languages related to video art, experimental video and new digital narratives. One of his most awarded projects has been "Fragile hearts" which has been part of the official selection of Vartex 9 and Non-Fiction Fiction. In addition, his documentary installation SUBJECTS, was the winner of the audiovisual innovation laboratory in Medellín. Hastur Mora has also developed as a researcher-creator at the Audiovisual and Multimedia Content Observatory of the UdeA, participating as a speaker at the third AFACOM congress.


Workshops «Superposition as visual poetic possibility«