«Towards an experimental system for algorithmic creation»

«Towards an experimental system for algorithmic creation»

Ricardo Cedeño Montaño (Colombia) Table C – Connectographies

This paper argues that the nature of research-creation is the experimental. The text introduces the concept of experimental system, coined by the historian of science Hans-Jörg Rheinberger, to consider the experimental as a material practice that articulates the production of instruments, models, tests, recording devices and laboratories with the generation of objects of knowledge and creation.

Through this concept I propose that visual creation with algorithms has become a fertile field for research-creation through the so-called creative coding. This type of visual creation connects concepts from computer science and media theory with the writing of computer codes for visual speculation, thus fostering new forms of creation.

Through two projects that employ creative coding I present a scenario in which experimental systems materialize in the writing of code, construction of instruments, and elaboration of concepts. In each case, their experimental systems are capable not only of generating a wealth of possible images, but become sites of algorithmic creation to explore and appropriate key concepts of computer science such as randomness, order and class.