"Glitch Me"

"Glitch Me"

Florencia Alonso & Naoto Hieda (Germany, Argentina, Japan)

"GlitchMe" is a witchcraft lab around scenic object composition and algorithm decomposition by invoking a network of feedback loops. Digitality can become dreams that move and interact in multiple spaces in non-linear time.

Through feedback loops we create windows that can open up new possibilities to narrate distorted and glitched worlds.

After 2 years of online collaboration, we started a fellowship at the Academy of Theatre and Digital in February 2022. As a niche practice to perform with programming on stage, live-coding is more of a new practice in digital art. Artists push the boundary of live-coding by applying it to the entire creation process; visuals, sounds, kinetic motor movements and lights are also live-coded, and the practice extends to drawing, weaving, printing and cutting.

The practice manifests the decolonization of the productive and design-centered process of technology, i.e., hacker witchcraft. Practicing hacker witchcraft means altering the given, bringing new uses or meanings to reality that does not fit everyone.

In this sense, working with a glitch means finding beauty in what is not perfect and should not be perfect either. The exhibition presents a collage of web experiments, prints, drawings and laser-cut objects.

link: https://glitch-me-on.glitch.me/?qr