Gisela Frick Hassenberg

Gisela Frick Hassenberg


She composes sound collage and improvises collaboratively and individually since 2012. Her first published works are Cárcel Va'l Paraíso (2013) and Réquiem para el Réquiem para el Camarada Pablo Neruda (2013).  

Her works Kindernacht (2016) The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn & To Heal a Broken Heart (2017) have been mounted at Ohrenhoch Sound Art Gallery, Der Geräuschladen in Berlin, Germany; Slow Motion Graphics (RRS Radio Museo Reina Sofía, 2014) and Mirror Forest (Resonancias RTVE / 2016) published in Spain. 

Her latest published work Allende Ramón, el Valle verás florecer (2019) is part of the album Ensayos Sonoros del Chile Actual and her most recent composition Endless / Xenosinte made for Audiored V, both summoned by Sónec, Sonoteca de Música Experimental y Arte Sonoro.  

She currently works with borrowed sounds, voice and synthesizers with themes that oscillate between the memory of the people, ecology and social-political activism. 


With the support of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage of Chile and the Directorate of Cultural Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile.


Soundscapes: Endless / Xenosite