Generation What?

Generation What?

Margaux Missika / France

Generation What? is the first ever trans-media project bringing together worldwide broadcasters. Generation What? opens a window onto the hearts and minds of the worldwide youth. The project is thought as a six months' campaign in media and civil society built around an online questionnaire that gives young people aged between 18 and 34 the opportunity to share their views and opinions. The website is enriched by video content which offers young people the chance to develop their concerns and aspirations.

This campaign creates a moment: A unique occasion to engage with young people and to collaborate with civil society organisation. The online results of the questionnaire and the sociological studies around it aim at improving public perceptions of young people and give an insight into their views and concerns. After launching Generation What? With 18 broadcasters in 13 countries all over Europe, and in 9 French overseas territories in 2016, the project goes worldwide, giving a unique opportunity for youth worldwide to compare themselves.

The project is now in production in 8 Arabic countries in 2017 with the help of European Union, EBU, ASBU and COPEAM. It is being developed in countries across Asia-Pacific, with the support of UNESCO and ABU, and in Canada with the CBC… and maybe soon in South America?