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Presented by: Rocío Berenguer

Monday, May 24th 18:30 pm

What does the future hold for the human species? Far from the catastrophist scenarios advocated by the media, Rocío Berenguer imagines a utopia, an interspecies assembly in which the different categories of beings -human, animal, vegetable, mineral, machine- are invited to jointly negotiate the possibilities of their common existence. G5 is a humorous reference to G8 or G20 type summits. However, in this summit there are no governments of humans: those who meet are the different species to discuss the future of the planet. Theater and digital art show.


Author, director and performer: Rocio Berenguer Development, voice and sound design and artistic collaboration: Léopold Frey Graphic development and design: Ben Kuper and Ferdinand Dervieux Robotic development and video and sound direction: Sylvain Delbart Set design: Mathieu Lorry-Dupuy Lighting design: Diane Guérin Composition: Paul Loiseau Costume design: Diana Dorado Ruler: Samia Redjala Video and sound development and technician: Thomas Pachoud Assistant director: Farid Ayelem Rahmouni Human performer: Haini Wang Robotic performers: Coco and Jean Claude Animal performer: Ninja Mineral performer: Meteorite Plant performer: Liana