François Daudin Clavaud

François Daudin Clavaud


Composer and performer (flute)

After beginning to play the flute at the Lille Conservatoire, François Daudin Clavaud continued his musical studies at the École Normale de Musique in Paris. In 1984 he founded the Trío d'Argent, with which he has developed an international career for more than thirty-five years. At the same time, he has given several artist recitals and conceived several reading concerts in collaboration with the actress Marie-Christine Barrault.

In 2021 he created the Ensemble Européen Legato, of which he is artistic director. He also has a career as a composer with a catalog of numerous pieces written for small ensembles or orchestral groups. It has been published by Universal and Robert Martin. His interest in digital arts and improvisation led him to develop a real-time sound processing system that he uses in several of his concerts. This system allows you to create interactions between instrumental performance, movement and synthetic images.