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Franck Vigroux

Franck Vigroux


Proteiform artist. He develops in a universe where music, theater, dance and video intersect. Performer, composer and theater director, his work encompasses multiple practices, from the concert to the Gesamtkunstwerk (total work of art). After a long journey through the so-called experimental music scenes, his music develops, both in an exclusively electronic current, driven and conceived for live performances, and in long abstract electro-acoustic compositions.

The time of 2010 was marked by his collaboration with Mika Vaino (Pan Sonic). At the same time he started to put his music on stage and founded his own company to create multidisciplinary set forms. He collaborated with musicians such as Elliott Sharp, Mika Vainio, Reinhold Friedl, Kasper Toeplitz, Marc Ducret, Joey Baron, Bruno Chevillon, Zeena Parkins, and ensembles such as Ars Nova.

After a long experience on electric guitar, Franck Vigouroux is gradually devoting himself to live electronic music instruments and composition, whether for instrumental ensembles, electroacoustic pieces, or radio (numerous collaborations with the Groupe de Recherches Musicales-GRM and Radio France). He also creates "concept albums" between storytelling and music. By collaborating with writers, playwrights, poets, video artists, including Laurent Gaudé, Philippe Malone, Michel Simonot, Kenji Siratori, Alexis Forestier, Antoine Schmitt and Kurt d'Haeseleer, Franck Vigroux places himself at the crossroads of disciplines.

In 2015 he founded the instrumental "electric" ensemble, Ire, with composer Kasper Toeplit. Formed by five musicians, the ensemble performs new works (Cat Hope, Phil Niblock, Ulrich Krieger, etc.) and gives live performances of recorded electroacoustic pieces (Xenakis, Zanesi, Dumitrescu etc). Franck Vigroux's records have been released by numerous French and international labels: Radio France, Signature, Dac Records, Leaf, Cosmo Rhythmatic, Matière Mémoire, Jezgro, Aesthetical, and recently Raster Media. His musical works, concerts and shows travel the world.