Francisca Keller Avila

Francisca Keller Avila

Wide Beach University



An academically trained choreographer and filmmaker, granddaughter of emigrants from Hungarian Transylvania, her childhood was closely linked to the world of marketing and advertising.

Director of the Creativity Nucleus of the Playa Ancha University of Educational Sciences, dependent on the Vice-Rector for Postgraduate Research and Innovation, promotes Digital Culture, the Culture of Making (Maker Culture) and Civic Culture in the Valparaíso region, Chili.
With a clear interest in public policy, he has participated as a jury for the competitive funds of the National Council for Culture and the Arts, as a member of the board of the Valparaíso Regional Strategic Program; Creative, Sustainable and Innovative City of the Chilean State Development Corporation, and as an advisor on innovation issues in the initiatives promoted by the Extension Center of the Senate of the Republic of Chile.
A transdisciplinary artist, he has researched and experimented in different formats such as multimedia and new media, heritage, documentary film, choreography, and scenic and audiovisual creation in real time. He has presented his work in important venues such as Teatro UC, Gam, M100, Teatro Municipal de Satiago de Chile, among others.