Florencia Alonso / Naoto Hieda

Florencia Alonso / Naoto Hieda

Germany / Argentina / Japan

Theater and Digital Academy Fellow: Florencia Alonso (Flor de Fuego) is a digital-artisanal artist who works primarily with programming and live coding to create performative experiences. Her research revolves around concepts such as body, space, code and chaos.

She has participated in several international and local festivals, both in collaboration with other artists and individually.

Student at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne: Naoto Hieda is a Japanese artist based in Cologne with a background in engineering (B.Sc. in engineering from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, and M.Sc. in engineering from McGill University, Canada) and currently enrolled in Diploma II at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne and an exchange student at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

They question the productive aspect of coding to speculate its new form, namely postcoding, through neurodiversity and live coding.


Media Art:GlitchMe