Flute Americanisms

Presented by: Yovanny Betancurt

Wednesday, May 26th 19:00 pm

In the panorama of universal contemporary music, Latin America undoubtedly occupies a space of particular importance, both for its composers and its interpreters; our culture, so rich and varied in its composition, has given fruits of an extraordinary content that have shone in a special way around the world and today are a true avant-garde. The influence of its folkloric rhythms, its instrumental coloring, its genuine expressive force - product, in addition, of the combination of indigenous, Afro-American elements, the western inheritance and the contribution of the universal contemporary language -, give as a result a music that contains features that identify it in itself.

On this basis, contemporary flute music is no stranger to this panorama; on the contrary, it has evolved in such a way that, in the last fifty years, its contribution has been very valuable and significant. 

Fluteamericanisms is based on the conjunction of three works of Latin American flautist literature that are united by the variables and species of the extended techniques used by three great composers of our time. 

This performance includes three works for solo flute:

  1. abesana – Paulo Rios Fihlo – Brazil 
  2. Wind – Victor Garcia Pichardo – Mexico
  3. An instance of becoming airborne – Matías de Roux – Colombia