Fernando Cuevas Ulitzsch

Fernando Cuevas Ulitzsch



He is a cultural manager, curator and creator, an expert in connecting the aesthetic expression of human experience with multiple audiences. In his words: his work makes him feel a joy and overwhelming sense of presence when he is in relationship with art, music and culture, it is what makes his soul and brain bubble.


As a generator of audiences and communities, his experience in musical programming, curatorship (musical and plastic), strategic communication and circulation with academic communities and artistic spaces and audiences, has allowed him to successfully lead processes of: re-launching cultural spaces and initiatives, design, management and execution of artistic, musical and cultural programming, communicative visibility and inter-institutional relations. He has high innovation, leadership and management skills, experience in the coordination and leadership of work teams and in the management of administrative responsibilities associated with academia, management, higher education, art and culture. It is worth mentioning his capacity for the communicative dynamization of audiences, public education and the design of strategies for social networks.


Throughout his professional experience, he has continuously developed and exhibited his personal artistic work (photography, drawing, writing, sculpture and installation), which has been presented with great success in numerous galleries, cultural centers, museums and universities in Colombia and Europe, in more than 29 solo and group exhibitions. According to him, in his 26 years of specialized work he has developed reasoning and aesthetic experience, but what drives him and invites him to grow is the joy of a community, such as the Colombian one, when discovering new young and vibrant symphonic pieces, or the depths of a legacy and forgotten art.  


Fernando has first-hand knowledge of Colombia's artistic, cultural and musical work, its circulation, classification and management, as well as the leadership, administration and measurement skills associated with high-level administrative and managerial positions.