Fabio Ignacio Munevar Quintero

Fabio Ignacio Munevar Quintero

University of Magdalena


Professor of plant of the University of Magdalena. PhD candidate for the Rudecolombia PhD in Education Sciences in the area of Educational Thought and Communication at the Technological University of Pereira. profesoredubatica@gmail.com

Master in Education with Emphasis in Educational Multimedia from the University of Caldas. Information Systems Administrator of the National University of Colombia.
Young Researcher COLCIENCIAS 2007-2008 from the DICOVI group. Former Coordinator of the Semillero Edumática of the University of Caldas. Member of the groups COLCIENCIAS GINFED, Innov-acción Educativa and DICOVI Professor of graduates in multimedia textbooks, digital tools and virtual teaching materials. Co-investigator of interdisciplinary projects in information and communication technologies -ICT applied to education. Advisor in the creation of virtual classrooms and E-learning platforms. RIBIECOL National Jury. Speaker at national and international events. Certificates from SENA, APTECH COMPUTER EDUCATION and MECAD. Among the publications are (1) Digital tools: a teaching and learning opportunity in rural contexts and (2) Application of video tutorials in virtual environments for course teaching: design of digital educational materials.