“Experiential Extensions”

“Experiential Extensions”

Ed Johnston (United States)

The Experiential Extensions series is a body of work in progress in which I mark moments of my existence through complex and aesthetic means. It involves exploration, photography, 3D digital animation and digital fabrication. This specific series is related to my exploration of different areas of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The first moments of this video show a time-based composition that depicts the process of collecting shapes from photographs and constructing 3D digital shapes from those shapes using the time in which the photographs were taken. Several short animated Variations in this series follow, formally expressing thoughts related to concepts of time, including the growth of human memory over a lifetime and theories about existence and consciousness.

Towards the end of this piece, there are photographs of physical objects digitally fabricated from these Variations. The physical objects become crystallizations of fluid experience. They allow me to slow down, to be aware of moments through memory, and to find beauty in that series of experiences. "