Erica Daniela Acevedo

Erica Daniela Acevedo


 Erica Daniela Acevedo; is a young woman, born on July 14, 1994, in the municipality of Barbosa but currently living in San Antonio de Prado. She is a young woman who, at the time and, after leaving school (2011), completed a technology in Logistics (SENA, 2012 - 2013) and a technical in Accounting Administration (2014 - 2015).

Later, with the need that every Colombian needs to be able to support himself economically and obtain work experience, he worked for five years in a sandal factory; with the latter he was able to enter the Bellas Artes University Foundation and begin his long-awaited dream of studying something that would really make his insides vibrate.

In general, she has had several experiences in the labor field, all as an operator and assistant of something, but at present and without having thought about it, she studies Plastic Arts at the Universidad de Antioquia (Medellín) and does what she likes the most: scribbling her life through poems, stories and novels on any piece of paper that sits solitary and immovable, capable of feeling - also - invincible before the flames and fleeting ignorance of the eyes that barely dare to look at it. But she not only writes, she also draws and paints; she plays at creating worlds of color that, although - perhaps - already devised by some unknown author (or to be known), stir in herself feelings of pleasure, pain, anguish, happiness (a myriad of emotions).

Since she was a child she has been linked, on her own, to the world of art. She attended a theater workshop at the Teatro Popular de Medellín, in 2018. She has also been studying digital animation since 2019, a field in which she now works and with which, every day, she achieves a little more independence.

Through the latter, she has allowed herself to experiment and merge her tastes and hobbies; adapting her own literary creations to artistic, visual and digital compositional games, something she is proud of today.


Cinema (&) Digital: “Moscas”