«Endless / Xenosite»

«Endless / Xenosite»

Gisela Frick Hassenberg (Chili)

"Endless / Xenosinte" is a sound art piece based on sounds and songs of native and endemic birds of Chile captured in La Campana National Park by ornithologist Peter Boesman and released under creative commons license.

These sounds are reorganized as a xeno-synthesizer (xeno : alien) that forms and repeats in six five-minute loop sequences the sound collage of the avifauna, whose silences are filled with the 'alien' intervention of a piano improvisation, an instrument or mechanical device of melodic percussion created at the dawn of the eighteenth century. 

The reinterpretation of the composition Endless / Xenosinte on the occasion of Surtropia is a spatialized stereo installation of the ornithological sound section. At the center of the room, a keyboard with a graphic score would guide the improvisation, recorded and feeding back the loop of the composition reduced to '20 for the occasion. 

The palimpsest between birds and piano improvisation superimpose prehistoric and pre-linguistic times to an artificial and entropized present feeling -embodied by the keys on the piano- nevertheless natural and inevitable in its South American historical evolution and decantation.