“Encuentros de plataformas para la circulación de contenidos creativos y culturales. Distritos Creativos”

Encuentros de plataformas para la circulación de contenidos creativos y culturales. Distritos Creativos

ADN Salmona. Invitados Distritos

The International Image Festival is a space for the exchange of knowledge and experiences in different areas, especially in the fields of creation, design, technology and culture. In this sense, the Design, Electronic Art and Technology Market functions as a propitious place for the meeting of agents belonging to the different links in the value chain of the creative and cultural sectors, in order to promote opportunities and exchanges for co-creation, co-production and co-management; spaces that provide results in the medium and long term, generating benefits to those involved in a broad sense, and to the city of Manizales in its economic, cultural and creative development.

In order to comply with the above, three formal meetings will be held: the first, scheduled for Wednesday, October 19th and Thursday, October 22nd, focused on the edition and research of photographic images. The second, on Thursday, October 20th, will be the central space of the D+A+T Market, which brings together fairs and festivals from different sectors to present their value proposition, their management models and their possibilities for circulation and linking counterpart creators. The third meeting, to be held on Friday, October 21st, will promote a dialogue around the opportunities of Salmona Creative District, between guests from other districts and its members, to propose possible strategies for positioning, development and monetization of the relationships that are woven from there.