"On the way we meet"

"On the way we meet"

Mario H.Valencia / Oscar Ceballos and Jaime Echeverri (Colombia)

University of Quindio / University of Caldas

In the tradition of the coffee region, the muleteers are those characters that forged the routes of communication, commerce and culture through their comings and goings, sharing stories, histories, music and experiences.

They were the communicating vessels of this region and in this sense this work responds to the sonorities of this region from the recognition of its main center, "the people's park".

The work Ruta del arriero gathers soundscapes from the parks of multiple localities of the coffee region and allows them to converge in an interactive sound installation where the sensory experience overcomes geography and time and takes us to an environment of individual construction thanks to the creation of soundscapes and their self-construction generated from the inhabiting of the performative environment of the installation.