El Giro, Colectivo Artístico.

El Giro, Colectivo Artístico


Claudia Patricia Leguizamón Londoño (Colombia).   Professor at the Universidad de Caldas. Choreographer and general director of the project. Master in Arts, graduated from the Colombian Institute of Ballet INCOLBALLET, with studies in Dramatic Art at the Universidad del Valle. Degree in Physical Education from the Universidad de Caldas and dance studies at ISA (Cuba). Associate professor of the Department of Performing Arts at the Universidad de Caldas, stage director and choreographer of the Opera Workshop of the Universidad de Caldas, director of the Research and projection Semillero Danza-Lab. She belongs to the research group: Theater, Culture and Society (Category "A" of Colciencias); she founds and directs El Giro Colectivo Artístico.

Paula Andrea Leguizamón Londoño (Colombia). Professor at Universidad de Caldas. Producer, choreographer, dancer, performer and plastic designer of the Collective. Graduate of the Colombian Institute of Ballet INCOLBALLET. Master in Plastic Arts. Designer of scenery, makeup and lighting for theater, dance and opera. Professor of the Degree in Performing Arts at the Universidad de Caldas in the areas of dance, body and design; co-director of the Research and projection Semillero Danza-Lab of the Universidad de Caldas. She belongs to Giro Colectivo Artistico since its foundation as a designer, director and dancer. 

Liliana Hurtado Sáenz (Colombia). Master in Performing Arts from Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas, Specialist in Culture and Society in America from Universidad del Valle, Master in Creative Writing with emphasis in dramaturgy from Universidad Nacional de Colombia. More than 30 years of experience as an actress, theater director and playwright; currently she is a full professor at the Universidad de Caldas in the Department of Performing Arts, in the city of Manizales, and Coordinator of the permanent playwriting workshop belonging to the RELATA Network since 2009. Awards: 1-Winner of the 2013 Women in Theater Award, granted by the Colombian Theater Corporation in the framework of the Women on Stage for Peace Festival 2-National Award for Theater Research 2013- Granted by the Ministry of Culture. 

Juan Manuel Soto Gómez (Colombia). Bachelor of Music from Universidad de Caldas. He studied Cello and Vocal Technique. He belonged to the Vocal a cappella group LEGATTO 7 for more than 8 years touring different national and international venues such as Brazil, Ecuador, Spain, Mexico and Venezuela. Music Producer and voice-over at Matchvox Audio Recording Studio. He has composed sonoturgies for different theatrical groups. He is currently the director of the Institutional Choir of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Manizales, teacher of the voice nucleus of the Performing Arts Department of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the Universidad de Caldas, and assistant musical director of the Opera Workshop of the Universidad de Caldas. 

Santiago Moncada Ospina (Colombia). Dancer and actor. Bachelor of Performing Arts, he is a solo dancer and Monitor of the Research Semillero Danza-Lab and the Opera Workshop of the Universidad de Caldas , teacher and has been artistic director of dance at the Alexander Dance School, artistic director of the group Raíces colombianas, Professor Universidad de Caldas since 2017 in the areas of dance and body. 

Sebastián Dahm Jurado (Colombia). Graphic design technician graduated from Unitécnica Manizales. He supports the audiovisual productions and photography of the faculty of arts and humanities since 2018. He has participated in stage creations such as Bocetos para un retorno. 


Exhibitions: Tránsitos