The cat in the window

Presented by: johan gallego

The cat in the window is based on the problematic relationship between the landscape in front of What should the landscape look like in our eyes? The image of the landscape? is the result of what is already built or is it the image that provides us with the requirements to assemble the landscape? There is a cyclical relationship between the two possibilities given the idealization. The latter acts as a filter that facilitates the approach to the world, which simplifies in order to be able to know and explain it. It also presupposes a lie, without which it this world could not be read.

This virtual landscape image is framed in the uniqueness of a virtual landscape. window-screen or in the simultaneity of many. The window-screens have in common its mandatory ability to include and exclude. Therefore, being in and behind of the window, it is to be in front of incompleteness. It is to be in front of something that occurs in a very limited space in the world. But, that something, we can put it together with a certain degree of willpower.