The Future of Music – Part 2 –

The Future of Music - Part 2 -

When we review the past, to understand the present, the windows of the future also open. The future we let others decide, as well as the future we may want to contribute to and build on. Music is no exception. It has a long history (of which we preserve part) and a rich present. We go from models that have sometimes taken centuries to develop, to others that change so quickly that we don't even have time to get to know and appreciate them. What will the future of music be like then? Who is going to create new works, with what sounds and with what premises?

Going through part of the past, focusing in particular on what until some time ago we thought could be part of the future, this presentation goes through models of sound synthesis and compositional structures that have left significant marks in recent decades, to then present current views on what our Current imagination allows us to anticipate. We will be navigating between quantum computing and artificial intelligence, seeding the field with questions about creation from humans or machines. And at each step, doubting what the distinctions between the two are, while some barriers blur, diluting what we defined with some clarity in the art world, not long ago. It seems that the future handles other times today, entering into strong changes without having time to digest those that were already happening and we incorporated, almost without realizing it.

Concordia University - Canada