“Ecosistemas de una vida artificial. Presentacion de 5 Proyectos de MAEDI-LAB”

“Ecosistemas de una vida artificial. Presentacion de 5 Proyectos de MAEDI-LAB”

Martin Groisman / Alejandro Papa / Diego Alberti (Argentina) Mesa C – Conectografías

Laboratorio de Medios (MAEDI-LAB) is the space of continuous and systematized practice of the Master in Interactive Design, where the conceptual developments obtained in the different blocks of study, converge through practice in new theoretical results.

The research topic proposed in the second cohort 2020/21 of the Laboratorio de Medios (MAEDI-LAB), entitled Ecosistemas de una vida artificial, whose objective has been the understanding of electrical and electronic phenomena from the construction of devices capable of emulating vital organic functions, as well as the simulation of artificial environments.

As a result of this experience, we present 5 projects developed at MAEDI-LAB: Aeternum, reflections on timelessness and the presence of the past in the future; Hexaroot, a living organism with electro-interactive behavior; Icosahedron, a seed, three scales and many dimensions; Pianola Imbricata, an interactive and collective bio-inspired midi instrument; Solsticia, A sensitive immersive experience.

These projects -thought and carried out remotely and virtually in the context of the global pandemic of Covid 19-, represent a precise vision of the way of understanding the processes, methodologies and objectives proposed by the Master in Interactive Design FADU-UBA.