«ECOS: A project of dance and (in) virtual reality»

Ivani Santana (Brazil) / Daniel Argente (Uruguay)

ECOS is the result of a partnership between the dance artist Ivani Santana (Brazil) and the artist Daniel Argente (Uruguay). The project is a joint investigation between the Technological Poetic Research Group: corpoaudiovisual, (Technological Poetic Research Group: corpoaudiovisual), coordinated by Ivani, and the CSIC research group – “Realidades Expandidas” – from the University of La República ( Uruguay), coordinated by Daniel.

The starting point of the project was research on the process of dance improvisation in light of Ennativist Theory (Varela, Thompson, Rosch, 1992) and Linguistic Bodies (Di Paolo, De Jaegher, & Cuffari, 2018).

Through this perspective, we understand that the actions of each person involved in the improvisation is the result of a "participatory meaning creation" (Di Paolo, De Jaegher, 2007), that is, it is not an exclusive decision of the person, since the actions of others and the context itself are involved in this relationship and in decision making.