Dr. Heitor Alvelos

Dr. Hetor Alvelos


PhD in Design from the Royal College of Art (2003), and Master in Visual Communication from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (1992). Professor of Design and New Media at the University of Porto, Heitor is currently Vice-President of the Scientific Council (CSH) of the Foundation for Science and Technology (Portugal). He is Director, for U.Oporto, of the Institute for Research in Design, Media and Culture (ID+: Media and Perplexity group), and Director of the Medialab for Citizenship FuturePlaces (UTAustin-Portugal, since 2008).

He belongs to the following International Councils: European Academy of Design Executive Board, Prix Ars Electronica Advisory Board, KREV Ambassadorship, UTAustin-Portugal Program for Digital Media (Outreach Director, 2010-2014). He develops design, audiovisual and performance with the publishers Touch, Ash International, Cronica and Tapeworm. He is the author of the conceptual acoustic project Autodigest, a musician at Stopestra and editor of 3-33.me. Current research topics include participatory media, creative citizenship, and cultural criminology.