«Dimensions and cartographies of regenerative design»

«Dimensions and cartographies of regenerative design»

Jorge Andrés Rivera Pabón / Adriana Gómez Alzate / María Cristina Ascuntar / Valeria Cardona / Diana Figueroa / Juan Sebastián Trujillo (Colombia)

Universidad de Caldas

The concept of "regenerative progress" includes and transcends sustainability. Regenerate means to amend, reform, reconstitute, renew, correct, rehabilitate or recover, as well as to have the efficiency, virtue or efficacy to regenerate or regenerate.

In this sense the panel presents the results of the reflection on the concept of regenerative designs, the result of the Research Seminar of the line "sustainability, art, society and environment" of the Doctorate and Master in Design and Creation of the Universidad de Caldas, with the purpose of defining both the process and the application that leads to regenerate, that is to say, to achieve that something recovers its initial form or state by means of a treatment from the design and the creation to make possible that an object of study, can be reused as idea and as materiality, to reinterpret itself and to achieve that a problematic situation, transforms itself, takes new life or revitalizes itself to guarantee its survival as a vital matter of engendering for its re-existence.