“Desde Taubenmarkt”

“Desde Taubenmarkt”

Ramona Rodríguez (España)

"Desde Taubenmarkt ", soundscape of the Austrian city of Linz and electronic sounds (computer programs). This work is the result of a research stay carried out in 2018, it traces a kind of journey between biophonic and anthropophonic sounds, manipulated and mixed to recreate a quasi-musical atmosphere.

The piece assembles decontextualized fragments of sound walks and drifts through the city detecting its sound marks. It begins with natural sounds accompanied by a melody of fluid musical notes and gradually the sound becomes more introspective, a descent towards more industrial and dark textures that reflect the contrast between the natural and the electronic that is experienced in that environment.

It involves exploring aspects of the soundscape beyond the documentary (Koutsomichalis, 2018), and inquiring into its intrinsic potential to evoke physical and psychological space. It also involves inquiring into the internal and external complexity of sound (Truax, 2013).

Link: https://www.ramonarodriguez.net/desde-taubenmarkt/