“D’Eco a Siringa”

“D’Eco a Siringa”

Jose Manuel Berenguer (España)

Sound and visual installation that was presented at the end of September 2022 in Mixtur, Festival de nueva creación sonora de Barcelona, where I applied resources close to artificial intelligence in the composition of a musical and visual flow in continuous transformation, without formal resolving elements throughout the installation time, built dynamically from a database hung in the IP space and integrated by materials obtained from the reading of words from the world's female literature, spoken by diverse female voices in as many as possible of the languages spoken in the metropolitan area of Barcelona.

I constructed the images from the graphic treatment of the texts in the different languages and alphabets and their behavior will be reactive in real time to the production of the sounds. In spite of the continuous change of the sonorous and visual flow that I want to generate as a consequence of the ethical-aesthetic reasons that in the following paragraphs I will expose, I raise the problems of the distillation of the essence and the maintenance of the identity of the work of art, which, in this case, I will try to achieve by means of the manipulation of the timbre colorations of the voices and the balance of the images.

To this end, recordings of the readings and the appearance of the texts will be subjected to various forms of signal processing; in particular, transposition, juxtaposition, superposition, convolution, fragmentation, granulation, filtering and spatialization.