Dark Sightings

Dark Sightings

Camilo Hermida / Colombia

Dark Sightings Explores the construction of three creatures and questions the generation of artificial territories, where the organic is represented by polygonal geometry. It invites the viewer to immerse themselves in digital and real environments, where the evolutionary process and the transformations of fragments of reality and fiction are modelled.

The creation of the models is developed with 3D tools such as visual production that creatively reconstruct fiction and imagination. The representation of reality develops parallels of perception changes that we see in the real and digital world, as proposed by Hernández (2002). Fictional elements come to life, they do not exist, but they are a living part of the digital polygonal nature, creating an instability between the unreal and the real.

He reflects on the poverty, insecurity and social inequality experienced by society and the great capitalism of the world, the relationship of real problems with technological life for the revolution and digital virtual development. Visual exploration results in graphics that complement the concept of three dimensional digital generations.

The modeling of geometric figures with organic coatings, visualizes the invisible relationships of fantasy, imagination and perception of the viewer and their relationships with the environment.