Daniel Huertas Nadal

Daniel Huertas Nadal


Grandson of a civil war, he was born in the Mediterranean, and "his skin has the bitter taste of the eternal weeping that a hundred peoples have poured into it". The good literature says that he is also called the Grenadian, the Zayyati, but he does not come from any country, any city, any tribe.

He is a son of the road, caravan is his homeland and his biography is the most unexpected journey. Life has lent him fifty years that he has dispersed at the mercy of his travels: his wisdom has lived in Madrid, his passion in Chocó, his anguish in New York, and in Granada he still lives his innocence.

He grew up convinced that scientific and technological progress that does not respond fundamentally to human interests and the needs of our existence, loses all meaning. With this idea in mind, he was trained in Madrid, where he graduated as an Architect, Master and Doctor of Architecture.


Cinema (&) Digital: «The colors of the medlar»