Daniel Gonzalez Franco

Daniel Gonzalez Franco

Colombia – Spain

Interdisciplinary researcher, digital artist and entrepreneur. He considers himself an electronic art explorer and interaction designer with special interest in virtual reality, telepresence and social innovation, designing and developing immersive experiences towards a more empathetic society.

He is one of the founders and researchers of the non-profit Cultural Association BeAnotherLab, creators of "The Machine to Be Another" a Body Virtual Reality system that uses illusions of ownership of the body, performance art and virtual reality for education. /Understanding the relationship between identity and empathy from a bodily perspective.

Daniel is also founder of Omnipresenz, a Barcelona-based creative RX studio focused on Virtual Body Reality, telepresence and immersive storytelling, but above all, on the magic of human presence and emotion as the key factor of creativity and human connection.

Together with Marguerita Bergamo, founder and director of Dance CompagnieVoix, Daniel received the prestigious 2019 Virtual Laval Award in the Recto VRso Art&VR category, AND the top award of the International Short Film Competition, the Man Er VR Grand Prize at the Kaoshiung Film Festival in Taiwan with the hybrid VR/Dance piece. Eva is an irreplaceable place.