Curating and creating media art. Anna Frants about Media Art Festival CYFEST

Curating and creating multimedia art. Anna Frants on the CYFEST Multimedia Arts Festival

Anna Frants is an internationally renowned new media artist and curator, co-founder of CYLAND Media Art Lab and CYFEST, an annual international media arts festival. CYFEST was founded by a group of independent artists and curators in 2007. CYLAND is a non-profit organization that houses the largest online archive of video art in Eastern Europe and offers space and resources for collaborations between artists and technologists. Anna Frants organizes exhibitions and educational programs with institutions around the world.

In this talk, Anna will briefly recap the history of CYFEST, from its origins to the most recent edition of CYFEST-14 in Yerevan, Armenia. Since its inception, CYFEST's main objective has been to examine the dialogue between diverse visual languages and technological cultures in order to explore an avenue of communication with art professionals and scientific communities. CYFEST brings together artists, curators, educators, engineers, programmers and media activists from around the world and creates an inclusive platform for the mapping, mediation and documentation of new media art at different local and international levels.

CYFEST is one of the few nomadic cultural events in the world: throughout the year, the festival's projects are presented at leading cultural institutions around the world. The annual festival includes various exhibition projects, sound art, video, and educational programs.

As an artist, Anna Frants creates a dialogue around experimental art and new media. He will talk about several series of works that he has developed over the last 15 years.