«Territorial construction from graphic representations of joints in cyberspace»

«Territorial construction from graphic representations of joints in cyberspace»

Luz Mary Castellón Valdez / Indira Andrea Quiroga / Dallos Grethel / Alexandra Flórez Sierra / Miguel Ángel Gélvez Ramírez (Colombia) Table A – Persistences

The proposal addresses an analysis focused on the technological and cultural changes that can be observed in the new social and intercultural relations that take place in cyberspace.

The aim is to analyze the construction of the territory from the graphic representations that people make of the spaces they inhabit from a new digital reality.

For this purpose, the results derived from the application of several creative workshops in the context of the project " Diálogos del territorio entre Boyacá y Santander desde la Co-creación: Estéticas, saberes y patrimonio" (winning project in the call Investigarte 2.0 of Minciencias) developed through virtual interaction and the coming together of people with diverse views.

The works created by the participants fuse artistic creativity with marvelous narratives that communicate the feelings of the people in their relationship with the territories they inhabit and in dialogue with other points of view, thus contributing to the construction of a decolonized territory, where the inhabitants of Santander and Boyacá converge.