“Confesionario Público”

“Confesionario Público”

Sofía Garrido & Felipe Prado (Chile)

Confesionario Público is an interactive installation where the visitor is the one who generates the content of the work. 

The installation consists of 12 screens, a video camera, a reed microphone and a circle drawn on the floor (sticker). 

The circle invites the visitor to place themselves inside it and represents the intimate space generated between the person and the smartphone. 

Once the visitor is inside the circle, his face will be captured by the video camera, and parts of his face will be multiplied on the 12 screens, thus becoming public. In turn, the visitor will be able to speak or generate sounds that will be amplified by the microphone.

By having the visitor's face multiplied many times and his voice amplified, he becomes public, as it happens in social networks, while the other visitors to the exhibition will be the ones who represent the voyeuristic gazes.